Thursday, 4 June 2020

I am black, I am not oppressed, I am free

I saw this video on Twitter, today (June 4, 2020) This is at one of the protests against George Floyd's death. This picture below is from one of the comments following this tweet. I think that there are black conservatives might come as a surprise to some people.

This is my transcript. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. If significant, I will correct them.

My transcript of the conversation  

Black lady: When black people kill black people they (social justice protestors) dont come and do this crap (protest, riot, etc). You only do this when white people kill black people. They are the racists.

It is wrong for white cops to kill a black person, that is for sure. But if it matters, it should matter at all times.

White Lady: What are you fighting for? You are not here to fight injustice...

Black Lady: This is about violence, this is not about blacks
White Lady: It is about a uniform world

Black Lady: You think blacks are oppressed. I am black, I am not oppressed. I am free
White Lady: Good for you, you are an individual person This is a systemic issue.

Black Lady: Where? I am black lady, this is  a country where you can can do what you want,  you do it. Stop forcing on people that they are oppressed. I am not oppressed. I am black.

Stop forcing people into accepting that they are oppressed. You are forcing a rhetoric into their minds, which is not true. Violence is wrong, period. It is not about blacks. You see white people kill white people too, right? Have you ever seen anyone complain that white lives matter? No! Violence is wrong.

White Lady: (something indistinct)

Black Lady: Blacks kill blacks in black neighbourhoods every single day. I have never seen Black Lives Matter in those neighbourhoods. When a black person kills a black person, do you know what they say : "When the police come say Snitches get stitches." (waves her hands in exasperation) Snitches get stitches. But when a white person kills black people, Black Lives Matter. 

Stop the hypocrisy. 

If it matters, it should matter in black neighborhoods. Stop killing at home.

White Lady: So why dont you start? why dont you start?

Black Lady: I dont need to be told black lives matter. I know I matter. You guys are wasting everybody's time.

End of transcript and video

Corrected July 1, 2020: The twitter link was flawed, I have corrected it, you can see the video

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  1. Thanks for sharing a black person's perspective on this that has been drowned out by all the other voices. Liberals (a non-white moderate liberal like me) don't always get this perspective. I clicked on the link but it didn't work, so I could not see the video, but I will take your word for it.

    I would like to record my disagreement respectfully with some of the arguments put forth by that lady.

    IMHO, I think the lady's argument is conflating 'blacks killing blacks'with 'white COPS killing blacks' (the operative word COPS in CAPS). Unless she is saying (1) black cops are as likely to kill blacks as white cops AND (2) white cops are equally likely to kill whites, this is not a race-neutral issue.

    The other difference is when blacks (civilians) kill blacks, the perpetrators are pursued, and whenever possible caught and if found guilty convicted. But when white COPs kill blacks, it is rare (if not ever) to find the cop even get indicted (leave alone convicted).

    The other point I have is about the tone. Granted, you are just transcribing this lady, but I assume you agree with at least most of everything she said since you posted it. Being called for hypocrisy and using words like 'don't waste my time' are not examples of respectful disagreement. I think this is one of the problems with both sides (I admit liberals also do this) talking past each other because there is no civility in the discourse. But I have to say I am offended when my very human reaction of empathy to a community is being labelled in this way. Which is why I took the time to calm down and drafted this response the way I did.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. 1. The twitter link was broken, I have fixed. Hundreds of people retweeted it, I have chosen one of those. You can see the video yourself, now.

    2. Thanks for calming down before responding, but I dont understand why a lady saying she is not oppressed made you angry in the first place.

    3. I shared this because the news is flooded with perspectives of outrage and anger, and rarely any sensible argument. It appealed to me.

  3. Thanks for fixing the link. I saw the video and I think I better understood the part about police say "snitches get stitches". I still don't understand the slang, but I think she is saying when blacks kill blacks, police essentially don't take action and there is no outrage from liberals in that case.

    I was not angry about her saying she was not oppressed. I was actually happy to hear that. I was turned a bit off by the other language she used (as I already said, the bit about hypocrisy, don't-waste-my-time etc.).

  4. Here is one more, where a black basketball player questions the organization Black Lives Matter, and one of its stated goals of destroying the family structure