Friday, 26 May 2017

Are Russians reading my blog?

I have taken a very long hiatus from posting anything new on my blog. About five weeks, so far. The average daily readership has dropped, but surprisingly not by a large amount. 
Russian readers?

are Russians reading so much Tamil

Oddly, the most hits seem to be coming from Russia. Even more oddly, these Russian readers seem to be reading mostly Tamil essays on my blog. I don't know anyone in Russia,certainly not fans of my Tamil writing. I wonder if these Russian readers that Blogger Stats is reporting are really Indian readers, maybe even in Chennai, who are visiting the site through Russian routers or gateways. In which case, I wonder how reliable are the statistics of readership on Blogger.

I had this same question a few years earlier, when people seemed to be reading my blog from all kinds of remote countries - even Latvia and Cape Verde. 

Google seems to be letting Blogger / Blogspot run on automatic, with no significant improvements or even changes ( perhaps revenue or utilitiy is very low on blogs, and most traffic has shifted to better platforms on Google; or other social media like Facebook or Twitter). 

Thank you readers 

In the meanwhile, I am now in the fourth year of my blog. Thank you readers for continuing to read, while there is such a vast treasure of information on the web.

While Badri Seshadri's blog seems to be still a popular gateway, even though he has reduced his blogging frequency, nowadays I get quite a few readers via Facebook too.

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  1. For as long as I remember I have been reading your blog using feedly (through rss) .. very rarely get to your blog directly.. now feedly's servers might be in russia or there might be other reasons.


  2. Raghav, another reader pointed this out also : phishing servers with Russian addresses