Thursday, 9 December 2021

Lesser known quotes of some philosophers

"Sambar tastes very different from rasagolla" - Swami Vivekananda

"Desire is the root cause of capitalism" - Henry Ford

"Truth alone triumphs. Except during an election" - Vashishta

"Those who dont learn from geography are condemned to use Google maps" - Sergey Brin

"Writing begins with the letter a, like the world begins with the Foremost Bhagavaan" - Tiruvalluvar

"You never learnt Chinese, did you, Tiruvalluvar?" - Confucius

"This goat is eating better than me" - MK Gandhi

"Should I free my slaves or go fly a kite?" - Benjamin Franklin

"Now that I have freed the slaves, should I give women the right to vote? Too soon?" - Abraham Lincoln

"I wonder if I can clean myself by walking in the rain or should I soak in a bathtub?" - Archimedes

"It was amazing. There are thousands of these college graduates from China and India, who are good at mathematics, engineering, even writing software. Most of them could also speak English." - Larry Ellison

"Even the Greeks can do mathematics" - Varahamihira

"Deadbeats of the world, unite. We need to reduce the workload of workers" - Karl Marx

"I wonder if there is an invisible leg. Or a finger" - Adam Smith

"Even when I dont think, I still am. I wonder why." - Descartes

"Anger cools down. Entropy or something" - Avvaiyaar


Some other pearls of my wisdom

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