Wednesday 3 April 2013

Kumbakonam - LMS

February 27, 2012.
Kumbakonam early morning. Most of the town is asleep, few shops open. A riot of colors and a ravish of fragrances - flowers for worship, on periya kadai theru : malli roja kanakambaram alli saamandhi and thulasi. Still waters in temple tanks. Ilayaraja on a tea shop radio - melodious, not blaring. The sleepy streets still wear shadows as bedsheets, which the Sun, like a gentle mother waking her kids, peels away slowly. A horny bus roars through like an indecent mosquito, but others hum softly - like kind, thoughtful uncles. Nagareshu Kudanthai.

Note: I occasionally write a long SMS (which I call LMS), when I am seized by a mood, feeling, emotion, idea, concept, etc. Since some people have enjoyed them (a few have not, emphatically), I thought I might share some of them on my blog. Consider them thumb nail sketches with words - literally, as I thumb them on my cell phone.

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