Sunday 12 February 2023

A Madras evening - LMS

Incredibly beautiful blue sky day... Parrots gliding over the roof... Spring flowers of mango and konrai in bloom... promising a glorious summer...

Streaking through buildings and cellphone towers, the evening sun showcases the thousand shades of green on the leaves of the trees it highlights

Quietly, a million cups of tea and coffee are brewed and sipped, in appreciative meditation, for now ignoring the cacophony of calumny and acrimony that will soon rise in a thousand TV channels

A distant two wheeler engine roars gently through the mostly silent streets, punctuated by the cawing of crows, chirping of other birds, and the chatter of untiring boys playing street cricket

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  1. Only few areas left in Chennai to appreciate this tranquility. Am also lucky to still have this right outside my window!

    Mostly the sun only reflects off concrete & glass & birds are unheard of now.

  2. Reminded me of Wordsworth's "Composed upon Westminster bridge, September 3, 1802".