Thursday, 19 January 2023

Indian Science Festival - Hyderabad

I will deliver a talk titled "Varahamihira's Eclipse Proof" at the Indian Science Festival, Hyderabad, at 11am this Saturday 21st January 2023. At Nucleus Arena.

Entry is free to public. Click here for Registration, schedule  

I will also conduct a workshop on Aryabhata's square/cube roots algorithms at 12pm on Sunday January 22. Limited seats. 

Addendum Feb 24: I wrote an essay summarizing some of what I heard at ISF, Hyderabad and it was published in SouthFirst magazine. Read it here!

In 2020, Badri Seshadri and I presented talks on Indian Mathematics titled The Men who knew Zero to Infinity at ISF Pune. Video links are below:

Part 1 : R Gopu

Part 2 : Badri Seshadri

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