Friday, 21 March 2014

Retreating Diseases

Malaria is down by 29 percent. since 2000. But 627000 people still died of it in 2012.  That is probably more than in 10 years of Iraq or Afghanistan wars, Congo Sudan or Sri Lanka conflict or any tsunami or earthquake. Polio has almost been conquered, guinea worm is almost extinct.  Children dying of AIDS is down 52 percent, mortality from Tuberculosis down 45 percent. This is more good news than ALL the bad news you have been drowning in since 2000, everyday, TOTALLED UP.

But if you want to be a pessimist, please keep worrying and infect your friends with the negativism. No government will ever tax that. And feel free to criticize me for being a stupid rational optimist and Matt Ridley for being a failed or fraudulent banker.

Ridley's article is here.'t-hear-about-diseases.aspx

Note that this is happening

1. In spite of population increasing
2. Regardless of form of government - democracy or dictatorship, benevolent or otherwise
3. ....or religion or race or gender of people

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