Sunday, 12 January 2014

Plant Evolution and Diversity

This chart or graph of Plant diversity, I just stumbled upon on a talk about Amborella and the Origin of Flowers, is worth viewing patiently. For the not too scientifically inclined, it can be a delight to just look at the relationship and proximities of different species and how different they are from our daily experience and interactions with them. For example, notice that Tea is closely related to Blueberries; Beets to Cacti; and Coffee, Olives and Tomatoes are on the same branch, while Pineapple preceded Grasses, which include most cereals like Rice and Wheat! 

How, but scientifically would we link Mustard and Papayas, and note that they are more closely related to Grapes than to other spices or Fruits, like Gingers and their cousins, Bananas. 

I wonder how much symbiogenesis plays a role in this branching.

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