Friday, 4 May 2018

Indian Mathematics and Astronomy - A summer course

Have you heard of the Ujjain Meridian? It was used for 1500 years, but why is it unknown to Indians, unlike the Greenwich Meridian?
How did Aryabhata Brahmagupta Bhaskara and Varahamihira do mathematics without knowing English or Greek? Was Sanskrit only the language of rituals and literature, or also of mathematics and science? Can you calculate long divisions in very narrow palm leaves?

How did Indians tell time, predict eclipses, make calendars and mark dates for religious festivals like Kumbha Mela or Mahamagham before the mechanical clock was invented in the seventeenth century? And what mathematics or astronomy did the Egyptians Chinese Sumerians Persians and Mayans understand or discover?

Learn the answers to these questions.

Learn the history of Indian mathematics and astronomy and its various texts, including Siddhantas, bhashyas, karanas, and panchangams. Discover Baudhayana’s geometry and Brahmagupta’s algebra. Discover the long history of Indian Astronomy before the telescope, Indian mathematics before Aryabhata, the connections from Brahmagupta to Baghdad to Fibonacci and other surprising and interesting facts that pervade your everyday life even today.
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