Sunday, 27 October 2019

Swarajya series on Indian Astronomy and Mathematics

Swarajya magazine is publishing a series of my essays about Indian Mathematics and Astronomy. I'll add links to new essays as and when Swarajya publishes them.

Swarajya's Contents page for these essays

Links to individual essays

1. Sanskrit - A Language of Science

2. An Introduction to Indian Astronomy

3. Number notations in Sanskrit

Astronomy and Mathematics in the Vedas

5 The Vedangas (mathematics in prosody, grammar, shulba sutras)

6 The Eighteen Jyotisha Siddhantas

7 Eclipses as shadows - VarahaMihira's proof


9 The Classical era - From Brahmagupta to Bhaskara

10 Kerala school of Mathematics

My other essays in Swarajya

Earlier Swarajya has published my essays on Mamallapuram and Amaravati sculptures, also.

Amaravati sculptures
Tamil Heritage Trust

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