Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pallava Grantha Alphabet in Kanchi Kailasanatha temple

This is a subset of the full alphabet, in the Pallava Grantha script, as inscribed in RajaSimha Pallaveshvaram, better known as the Kanchi Kailasanatha temple. Not every letter is inscribed here. I have included only vowels (swara) and consonants (vyanjana) but not conjunct consonants.

I have cut and pasted individual letters from photos that I have taken. I am neither an archaeologist nor an epigraphist, so there may be mistakes.

Pallava Grantha from mini shrines
with Devanaagari equivalents

Pallava Grantha with Roman / Tamil equivalents

Grantha Consonants Inner wall with Roman 

Pallava Grantha consonants with diacriticals 
with Devanagari equivalents


27 March 2018
Updated Minishrine grantha alphabets (Devanagari, Tamil/Roman)
Added Inner wall Grantha consonants 

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